Canada to make it easier for citizens to file taxes online

Ottawa is set to expand online filing options for Canadian citizens, starting with electronic filing of taxes.

The government announced Thursday that it is expanding the use of electronic filing to Canadians who want to file their taxes online.

The change, announced Tuesday, will apply to those who file their federal income tax returns electronically in advance.

The announcement came as Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the government will create a national electronic filing portal.

The portal, called the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will provide Canadians with online access to all their tax returns and to a number of CRA programs including the personal tax return, the tax credit and the refundable tax credit.

As part of the CRA’s online filing platform, the government is offering the same tools and services Canadians already have access to online.

But those same tools will also be accessible through the CRA website and apps.

For Canadians, the online filing portal will also allow them to make changes to their tax return online without having to call the CRA, while the CRA will continue to collect and process taxes on paper and on paperless platforms.

The CRA said the portal will enable Canadians to make a tax change without having the time or inconvenience of calling the CRA.

“With this new, online-based tax filing platform the CRA is providing Canadians with access to the same toolset as Canadians already use online,” the CRA said in a statement.

“The CRA’s website is the best online tax filing tool available in Canada, and Canadians will be able to do it online and at the same time without the inconvenience of using paper.

Canadians will also have greater access to tax and financial information through this portal.”

The CRA is currently offering two online tax options.

If you file electronically, you can choose from a variety of tax filing options.

The option that’s new will be the CRA Online Tax Assistant, which will give you a one-click option to file online and receive a digital file from the CRA within 24 hours.

The other new option will be an online tax return filing portal called the Tax Prepaid File (TPF).

It allows Canadians to pay online using credit or debit cards.

The CRA said people who are already using the CRA online tax portal will be given the option to switch to the new TPF.

This will help people to avoid unnecessary phone calls or lengthy online searches for information.

“If you’re already using an online platform, you’re still able to easily update your return using the new online platform and it will be available to Canadians at no cost,” the government said in its announcement.

“You can also update your tax return with the same tax information, or choose to update your income tax return to reflect changes made to your tax file.”

It is the first time the CRA has made changes to the online tax system since the launch of the Canada Jobs Program.

The program has been plagued with problems, including glitches and issues that have prevented Canadians from completing their tax-related paperwork online.

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