Why I love playing piano at home

By JANET ELLISAPIN | 11/05/16 08:16:23In the mid-1980s, the piano was a universal language for young people.

It was a place to express themselves, to express feelings, to find a sense of belonging.

But in the last decade, the instrument has become more than just a means of expressing oneself.

Today, the guitar, piano and violin are all instruments that many young people use to explore their feelings and explore their world.

The piano is also a way for people to connect emotionally with others.

That’s why I love using the piano.

And it’s why so many young musicians are also embracing the instrument.

But the instrument can also be an escape from the rigors of a conventional, corporate-driven career.

It can also feel like an escape.

I’ve written about my love of the piano in my book, The Musical Life of a Musical Person: From Early Childhood to the Music Industry.

The Musical Career of a Musician, which was published in January, takes you from the beginnings of my music career to my current career.

Why is the piano such an escape?

The piano can feel like a great escape from your typical day-to-day responsibilities.

In fact, I have found that, when I’m away from the keyboard, I feel more at ease.

My mind is less focused, my attention is more focused.

I feel a sense that I’m not burdened with my responsibilities, that I can take more time out of the day.

There’s also the fact that I don’t have to work the entire day, or at all, to play the piano and compose music.

I can play a lot more with the piano at night, in the evening and in the morning, if I need to.

I have the time to compose, to write songs, to do my homework.

And, in many ways, the music of the music industry has helped me to become a more self-sufficient, independent and productive musician.

But I think that, in a way, I also enjoy the music as a way to get away from reality.

And the music I write can be a way of exploring the innermost workings of a person.

It’s the music that can make you feel more alive, to know that the world is not what it seems.

When I play a piece of music, I want to be able to feel the emotion, the emotion that comes from the music.

When someone plays it, I can’t help but feel a certain level of appreciation.

The person is playing for you, for your innermost needs.

I love hearing that.

I feel that it is a very special and beautiful instrument that I am privileged to have.

It feels like a musical instrument that is meant for me, and for others, and it feels like music that has the power to connect with people.

If the piano can be an emotional escape from work and the pressures of a career, then the guitar is the music for many of us.

The guitar, like the piano, can also have a profound effect on the way we live our lives.

Music can bring a sense and a feeling of peace and connection to the world.

Music also can bring us closer to one another.

I think the piano is a really powerful instrument.

I believe that it can be one of the best instruments that has ever been created.

It is a way that we can connect to the rest of the world, to be closer to each other.

And I believe music is a powerful thing that we should all be able, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability or ability level, to use.

So, why is it so important to play in front of a live audience?

Because it gives us the opportunity to share something that we love, that we have, that is so deeply rooted in our being.

The music can be really empowering for people of all different backgrounds.

We have all heard stories about how when people play in a concert hall, they find themselves feeling more alive.

I hear stories about the feeling that a live show can give to the person who is playing, and that it brings them to a deeper place of feeling.

I see the power of that feeling, and I think it’s something that many people will be able use in the days to come.

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