How to get your hands on a Piano for $1,995!

Rich piana, a boutique piano maker in New Jersey, is selling a Piano dolly that was designed by a famed American painter for $2,995.

The piano is in a beautiful wooden box and has a beautiful, custom engraved wood neck and headstock.

Rich piana is one of the most well known and trusted names in the piano industry, and they’ve been offering great deals for decades.

Their newest model is the Rich Piana Piano Dictator, which is a modernized version of the original model.

The new model has a much larger, more powerful speaker, and features a new design of the back panel.

The old model had a “diamond-shaped” back panel and had a smaller, more round speaker.

The new model is an improved version that features a diamond-shaped back panel, an upgraded speaker, a smaller speaker, an updated soundstage and new styling.

The Piano dollies are very similar to the models that were available for sale at Christie’s auction house in the 1980s.

Christie’s sells them for $300,000.

It’s not uncommon for the piano maker to sell for $900,000 to $1 million, but it’s rare for them to sell them for over $1 billion.

The model that’s up for auction is a 1964-65 model.

It has the original piano headstock, with a unique decorative headstamp.

The piano has a solid wood body with mahogany sides and back, and a mahogana top and back.

The wood of the headstock has a fine texture, and the back has a gold finish.

This is a very rare piano.

It is in very good condition, and has no visible cracks or dings.

Rich Piana is known for its beautiful, handmade pianos.

The company has been selling pianos for decades, but this new model, which they call the Rich Dictators, is one that they have made for decades for very little money.

They’ve only made one model of the piano before, which was the “piano of love” from the 1960s.

This model has the same headstock and headstash as the other pianos on the Christie’s website.

It was sold in 2016.

Richpiana’s newest model, the Rich Dollies, are also for sale, and are similar to their other pianoes.

They are also very different than the old models, which are made by the famous American painter, George Bailey.

The painting that is on the back of the Richpiana piano is a painting by Bailey, titled The Dreamer and the Dreamer’s Lover.

The painting is entitled “Dream of Love,” and it was painted in 1964.

In the painting, the artist was writing a poem about a man who had dreamed of love for a woman who had fallen in love with a different man.

The man’s love was not for the woman, but rather for his lover.

In other words, the painting says that the dreamer and his lover had been lovers for many years, and then they got married and were married again.

They got married again, and their dream of love was fulfilled.

The Rich Dolls are made of the same wood as the original models, and have a wood-grain finish.

The price for this piano is $1.1 million.

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