The piano you love but you hate…the one you never want to play

This is a story about the piano you loved and the one you hate.

In this episode of “The Piano” we take a look at the piano that made its way from the West Coast to New York.

The piano is called the “Cocoa Blossom,” and it’s in the museum’s collection.

It’s also in the hands of a woman named Dorothy Purdy.

And for a few years, it was her only piano.

“I think it was my best piano,” Purdy says.

“It was my second best piano.”

But then she moved to Los Angeles and began working on a new piano.

She bought the Cocoa Blossom, which she put in a box, then placed it in the attic.

When she heard about the Palm Beach Music Hall’s Palm Beach Conservatory’s piano, Purdy knew she had to get it.

“When I went to the Palm Springs Conservatory, they had a great piano,” she says.

The Palm Beach conservatory’s Palm Piano, designed by James Kinkade, is now the museum collection’s first piano.

It is in the hand of Dorothy Purdys new husband, George Purdy, who has been playing the piano since it was first played by his mother in 1959.

Dorothy Puddys new son, George W. Puddies second piano, was born in 1953, when he was 15.

The first piano ever to play in the Palm Bay Conservatory was the one Purdy bought.

“In the 1950s, when I first saw that piano, I was really excited,” Puddes daughter, Dorothy, tells ABC News.

“And I had never played it before.

And then I went and bought it.

And I thought, Wow, that’s beautiful.

I’m a pianist now.”

George Puddis new son was the first child to play on the conservatory.

The Conservatory has had a long history of providing a place for pianists to play, and now Pudds son George has a chance to show his father what the Palm Baroque sounds like.

George is the first piano player to be awarded a conservatory scholarship.

“The pianist is one of the things that we teach our students about how to become a professional pianist,” says museum curator Karen Gailis.

“He’s a great teacher.”

George’s father, George C. Purdy of Palm Beach, played the piano as a child.

He had a special relationship with the conservatories piano.

In fact, George and his mother, Dorothy Pudge, were the first members of their family to be given a conservatories scholarship.

Pudge and her husband, James, were both piano players when their daughter Dorothy was born.

And in the late 1950s they played with the Palm and Palm Baros, two of the world’s most famous families of classical music.

“They were really, really good piano players,” Gailas says.

George Purdies son George W, is a pianists younger brother.

“If he were to go to the Conservatory he would be a major player in the conservations family,” Gaias says of the younger Pudge.

“You wouldn’t be able to ask for a better pianist.”

The Palm and the Palm is now on display at the Palm Preserve.

The conservatory had a big tradition of conservatories pianists.

George and Pudge were both conservatory members, and their son, as well as their daughter, played with their families.

Dorothy played with James, who is now a conservatoire member, as a youngster.

And the Palm family also had an illustrious history.

The Purdis family was a wealthy Florida family that had built a large plantation in the western part of the state, and then became wealthy in the 19th century.

In 1876, James Purds was elected to the Florida legislature.

In 1926, the Purdes purchased the Palm Gardens Hotel and built it into a sprawling hotel.

And after George Pudge died in 1937, the Palm’s fortune became concentrated in the Miami area.

Dorothy lived in Miami for many years, then moved to New Orleans in 1941, and was a resident of the Crescent City.

“She would come to New Orlesian and to the Crescent and then she would go to New Yorks,” her daughter, Lisa, tells “The Palm.”

“She was a very popular girl, and we’re really lucky to have her.”

The history of the Palm also includes many other musicians.

The oldest member of the Purdy family is probably the pianist, James K. Purdy.

He played with Purdy’s mother, and with his sister, Dorothy.

Dorothy and James were both members of the orchestra, and the younger brother, George, played for the New Orleans Orchestra.

The younger Purdises sister, Rosemary, played a few piano parts with the New York Philharmonic, and she also played with other musicians in New York

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