When did the Piano Change?

When did I start thinking about piano chords in my head?

Well, it was way back in the early 90s, when I was a young pianist playing in the local jam band.

I was playing some songs on a piano that was set up to sound like a drum machine, and I’d hear someone say something like, “Oh, yeah, that’s the piano.

I don’t want to hear a drum, that sounds too much like a piano.”

That was how I was beginning to think about the piano when I got a little older. 

What do you think is going to happen to the piano?

In the future, it’s going to be played by more and more people.

People are going to have more and less time to play it, and it’ll become more and better for everyone.

I think that’s what I want the piano to be for.

 So, what are the piano lessons for?

I don and can’t really teach you how to play the piano, but I do know that the key to playing piano music is to listen to it, to feel it, not just think about it.

That’s what really gets me up in the morning.

When I’m playing, I want to feel my voice coming out of the instrument.

When you play it like that, you can see the way your mind works, and the way the music is playing out of your ears, and your heart is racing.

You’re just trying to create that feeling that your body is making that sound, to let the music come through, and then let it go. 

How does it feel to play a piano?

I really love it when I play it.

I can feel it through my hands, through my fingers, through the strings, through all the sound waves that are coming out. 

When you play the Piano, what is it like to be in control of it?

When you sit down to play, it just sounds amazing.

It’s like a huge orchestra, and everyone is playing in unison, and they’re really in sync.

When it comes to playing a piano, there are so many different instruments that you can play, and so many people that can play them. 

Where do you practice your piano?

The piano is something that you just need to have in your life.

You need to practice playing it in different places.

I like to practice in the backyard, where I’m practicing and I’ll have people play on my instrument, or at the park, where it’s in the trees, or in the house.

There are so much different places that you could practice, and you can go anywhere you want.

I have my practice room in the basement, and there’s my practice space in my room, and my studio. 

Are you able to practice a lot of different instruments?

Absolutely, I’m able to.

The key is to just be open to playing the music and letting the music take over your mind. 

I’ve been playing the piano for about 10 years, and now that I have a family, I play more.

I play a lot more music. 

Do you think that it’s easy to learn a new instrument?


There’s not really a learning curve.

I’ve always had this musical taste, and for me, I found that piano playing just really got me going.

I started to notice that when I played piano in the past, it wasn’t like I had a ton of music.

It was a mix of things that I liked, and just different instruments.

I learned to play with the piano just like I learned how to sing.

Now that I’m an adult, I can sing.

I feel more comfortable with it. 

Is there anything that you would change about playing piano?

For me, playing the guitar is very, very different.

The guitar is more like a musical instrument than it is a musical sound.

It really takes the music from the piano and makes it musical, and that’s why it’s a great instrument for me. 

You mentioned that you’re a piano teacher, but how do you teach?

It depends on what kind of music you’re playing.

If I’m teaching a piano piece, I’ll teach the music that I would play on a drum set. 

For me, the best way to teach a piano is to use what I’m hearing in my mind.

I know the piano is the most powerful instrument that I’ve ever played, and if I can use that to help teach the piano I feel like I’m really teaching my students something. 

 Are there any lessons you’d like to share with other piano players?

Well one of the best lessons I can give is that playing a piece of music is an art form, and one that you learn to master.

I’m so fortunate to be able to learn piano, and to learn that the way that I do is through playing the instrument, through listening to it.

And if you’re learning

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