New York Times: ‘Gangnam Style’ is a song of a lifetime

A group of New York City-area hip-hop fans have created a song that has captured the imagination of a generation.

The song, Gangnam Style, is based on a video of a popular Korean pop singer performing a rap dance move that has become a hit among the countrys biggest pop stars.

“It’s the one thing I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s my passion,” says Kim Yoo-hyun, who began recording the song in his basement last year.

Kim and his brother, Lee Yoo, have been working on the song for three years, collaborating with local rapper Tae-hoon, who has collaborated with rapper Big Boi and a hip-hopping group called R&B and R&B.

The group also wrote and produced the video for Gangnam style, which they shared on social media with the hashtag #GangamStyle.

“We had so much fun doing it and we really love the song,” Lee Yo-hyon told Fox News.

“The fact that we’re working with someone who has a similar talent level to us and is actually good at this song is so exciting for us.”

Kim says he hopes the song gets as much exposure as the video, which he hopes will get as many views as the viral video.

The video is expected to be available in theaters in June.

The song, which includes a line from the song’s opening verse, has garnered more than 6 million views on YouTube, more than 10 million views for the video and more than 1 million for the song itself.

Lee Yoon told Fox that he and Kim Yoon have been playing Gangnamstyle with each other for about two years.

The brothers say the video was inspired by a song by another rapper that has been trending on social networks in recent days.

Kim Yoo says he thinks the video is a tribute to the popularity of Korean pop artists such as Big Bois and Big Boiler.

“We’re not trying to make any jokes about any artists,” Lee told Fox.

“But we think the song is the perfect way to honor these guys.”

The Yoos say the song has been the subject of several collaborations.

One collaboration between Lee and rapper Big Bang was a viral video that had 1.7 million views, with more than 2.5 million views of the video.

Lee told FOX he thinks Big Bang’s hit “Gang Gang” could be a song for the GangnamStyle video.

“I think we could have a big hit,” Lee said.

“He has such an amazing style, and he has such a big voice, and I think we should definitely make a big video for it.”

The two rappers have also collaborated on other music videos, including the video that features rappers Jay Z and Kanye West in their first joint appearance in theaters.

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