Pan Piano: Chopsticks piano concert review

By The Associated Press – BOSTON (AP) As she took her place on a grand piano and performed in front of a crowd of thousands, pianist Melissa Pang’s career took a leap forward in recent years.

Now, Pang, a New Jersey native who earned her bachelor’s degree in composition from Boston University, is a leading composer and conductor in Boston.

Pang, who has performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Ballet, has recorded two albums, is the subject of two feature films and a TV documentary, including “Pan Piano: The Complete Series” and “Pan.”

Her performance on Sunday of Chopsticks at the annual Pan Piano Concert Series in Washington, D.C., was her first since a 2015 concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York City.

The performance featured some of her most recognizable tunes, including the song “My Little Chickens” from “My Fair Lady.”

The concert series is a showcase for the classical music community.

It attracts thousands of music lovers, including many who are new to classical music.

In recent years, the concerts have attracted more musicians, including pianists from countries including China, India, Spain and Portugal.

Papadopoulos, a native of Greece, was raised in New Jersey, and has been performing for nearly 30 years.

She has taught at New York University, Yale University and Harvard University.

Her debut was at the Metropolitan Opera in 2009.

In an interview on Saturday, Pangs father, John Papadopoulos said he’s been inspired by her talents.

He said she is a gifted pianist and an excellent pianist.

“I know that she has an immense talent for the piano,” he said.

“I know there are others that I have never met that I know from my own life.

And I know that there are millions of people that have never heard her or that I haven’t met that have heard her music.

And that’s amazing.”

Pang has made more than 30 concerts and solo albums.

Her newest album, “My Girl,” was released this month.

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