What to expect from the Yamaha Electric Piano Price and Availability

A little over a year ago, Yamaha introduced the new YZ-R1 and the Yamaha EL-8 for the next-generation Yamaha EL series, the latest model in Yamaha’s legendary Electric Piano line.

Since then, we’ve seen the YZ line evolve from an affordable electric piano to a high-end performer, with a range of models ranging from the top-of-the-range EL-6 to the more affordable EL-7 and EL-9.

Now, the company has announced the arrival of the new Yamaha EL10, a new premium model that will hit the market in mid-2017.

The Yamaha EL 10 is a premium version of the EL 10, priced at AUD$1,499, or about AU$1.8 million ($1,926).

The EL10 has a piano built in, a keyboard with four controls, a three-button control layout, and a 12-band parametric EQ with a six-band active EQ with phase cancellation.

While the EL10 will not come with a Yamaha electric piano, Yamaha says it will work with the EL-10.

It’s also going to come with Yamaha’s signature “Yamaha Electric Piano” logo.

This Yamaha EL model is built around the latest-generation of the company’s legendary EL-series.

It also features a new six-channel parametric active EQ, and it features Yamaha’s own proprietary software that enables users to fine tune the tone of their piano.

The EL-X is another new premium piano in the line-up, with the new EL-2 and EL 8 models.

The EL10 and EL8 models are the new premium models, and we can expect them to sell for a lot more than the EL 8 price.

The price of the Yamaha electric pianos in Australia will be AU$899, or $1,299 more than a comparable Yamaha EL piano.

So, expect to pay more than AU$2,500 or AU$3,000 for the EL models.

In fact, we can see that the Yamaha brand is going to have a major impact on the pricing of these instruments, as it’s the flagship brand in Yamaha, and they’ve been around for more than 60 years.

The YZ range of electric pianias features a number of features, including a fully adjustable bridge and tremolo, three-knob controls, and the ability to choose from a number the different tunings available.

The YZs have also been known to feature a variety of accessories, such as a premium black-glazed “Teflon” finish on the keys, a gloss black finish on top of the piano, and an ambidextrous thumbrest.

Yamahots EL10 price and availability will be revealed on the same day that the YR-6 and YR7 are released, with availability expected to start in late-January, though we expect to see the EL8 on the market as well.

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