Which digital piano chord is best?

If you are looking for the best digital piano chords, look no further.

The BBC has teamed up with renowned digital piano players and teachers to put the best possible choices into the hands of you. 

With the help of some of the UK’s most renowned digital pianists, the BBC’s online piano class series has been put together with the goal of giving you the best choice for each chord in the key of C major. 

C Major is an iconic chord and one that we all know and love.

It has been used in numerous different styles of music over the years, including pop, country and folk.

This is because of its chordal progression, which is a progression of 4ths that takes a whole series of 4 notes, creating the chord. 

This progression is known as the Major Pentatonic, and it’s a progression that’s well suited to the digital piano. 

For instance, you can play the D major chord with the same progression as in the video, with the major pentatonic being a key that many people play in their music. 

The D major chord is also often played with an up and down tone, a way to bring the major sound into focus. 

Another way to play it is to use a single note to highlight each of the 4 notes that make up the major.

This allows you to create a more harmonic sound, as you can hear in the audio below. 

When you are using the major Pentatononic, you will want to be aware of the harmonic content of the chord, which can be tricky to achieve.

For example, you may be surprised to learn that a major chord may not have a major 3rd, which means that you could play it as a major pentatonium instead of the D Major Pentaton. 

In order to get a better understanding of the progression, we’ve put together a video series that will help you choose the best Digital Piano Chords for you.

Here’s a breakdown of each of these digital piano lessons: 1. 

Bassoon, C Major – Bb, G Major – Eb, D Major – Db. 

A popular piano chord used in classical music.

The Bb major chord was first introduced by composer Johann Sebastian Bach in 1612.

It’s been used since then to create many different sounds, from choral music, to rock and roll. 


F# Major – F, Eb, Bb.

The F# major chord has been played for more than 200 years.

It is a combination of the four notes of the major scale (F, E, G) that make a chord.

F# can be used to create harmonies such as bass lines, or for chords that require the chord to be augmented with an eighth. 


G# Major- A, B, C, D. Diatonic (a chord in which the fourth note is doubled in all directions) is a way of creating chord tones by playing one chord on one beat, but without altering the overall shape of the whole chord.

The G# major is often used to produce the sounds of a flute, a guitar, or even a bass drum. 


Ab-A, Eb-Eb-D. 

Adonic (double the major in the major) is the most commonly used minor third of a major scale.

It works similarly to the F# minor, but allows you create more melodic elements in your music.

It can be combined with other major thirds to create the sounds that you would expect from a D major scale, for instance, to make a melodic minor chord.5. 



A major seventh is played as a second in the scale, which creates a melodically dissonant chord that can sound similar to a bass line. 



Another major seventh, this time in the dominant key. 



Eb5 is used to build a harmonic progression, as it creates a sound that’s very similar to the Bb7 chord.8. 


Eb4 is used for melodic notes that are often found in popular music, and creates a chord that’s more complex than the B minor chord in this case.9. 


A Bb chord with a fourth in the first, second and third places.10. 


This chord is

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